Writing in general is such an interesting act, if you stop and think about it. Writing is an active form of thinking. You cannot write something compelling unless you have done some research. And then there’s the problem of organizing your thoughts.

That’s the reason why when we’re texting, we tend to contemplate what to say next, sometimes deleting what we’ve written and going back and forth.

Could that also be the reason why a lot of people say they are not “texting people”?

See, even in that sentence, instead of saying X percentage of people, or majority/minority/half of the people, I had to say “a lot of people”, which is a rather general term. I could not possibly go the other way because I haven’t done any research, let alone careful research. That’s entirely based on my own experience.

Also, our writing almost always can be made better, which requires a lot of diligent brain work. It’s apparent that books and articles are more organized than the notes we take, or texts we send. That’s an obvious example, perhaps unnecessary, I don’t know. And I am not really spending my time bettering this paragraph. Why? Maybe it’s because it’s 1AM and the only reason I’m writing at the moment is because I want to keep my commitment alive to write at least a paragraph a day. This is not something that will be published in the newspaper, as a chapter in a book or something that will be reviewed by a supervisor. Hell, I don’t even check my grammar when I’m writing these, most of the time. So I am not putting as much effort as I should writing this. Which hopefully explains why this could be way better.



trying to learn how to think through writing

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