Willpower is an interesting phenomenon. Different people have different levels of willpower on different things. There are very few people who can beat themselves into doing something, meaning they use sheer willpower to achieve the desired goal.

Most of us, however, don’t do even the things we know good for us. If it’s all negativity and bad news in our lives, it’s excruciatingly hard to give everything we have. Because the situation is going to remain undesirable anyway, why bother? That’s why being grateful is extremely important. If you have all these blessings, why do bad, why harm people, or anything for that matter? What’s more normal than doing good when you’re happy.

Considering this, when we’re being unproductive, it may mean that deep inside, we don’t (actually, can’t) see that there’s good in our lives. And that’s the challenge. Recognizing the good.

That’s some hard shit. But we don’t get to flip the cards we’re dealt with. So, it’s hard to swallow but, it is what it is.




trying to learn how to think through writing

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trying to learn how to think through writing

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