1 min readJun 18, 2021

When it comes to relationships, there isn’t just fake people and people who are close to you. There are a lot of shades in between.

If we assume that the goal of interacting with people, especially friends and close relationships alike, is to make each other better, then that is very rare. Because accumulating and maintaining that sort of relationship requires a lot of willful work.

Honesty needs to be the main element of that relationship, because you need to address the issues at hand, and those need to be real issues.

However, just because someone wants the best for you, has trust in you and knows your traits does not mean they will be that close to you. Because what they want may not be truth.

To maintain a solid relationship, both parties should be in the knowledge that they are both flawed, and the other party is has the knowledge that you respect, or at least has a different perspective. In other words, they might know something you don’t, or they might have noticed something that you did not.

But, still, there will be people who enjoy your company, knows you have a different perspective and trust you, may just want to hear your thoughts and leave it at that. ’Cause they have different priorities.