We judge our pasts, sometimes too harshly, and the decisions we’ve made during that time. Yet if we look a bit closer, these are the times where our eating habits were far from healthy, our sleep cycles a mess and the space in our brains filled with stuff that is to surely increase the tendency or unwillingness to get out of this cycle, like songs that scream “I’m a mess”, movies that are perhaps a bit too bullshitty and videos that are pointless. And as we all know, when our brains are full of garbage, we are the opposite of being our best. In fact, we don’t feel like helping ourselves. Truth is, we want something other than getting our shit together, we want empathy from other people, attention and maybe praise.

Because our self-esteem is (naturally) low during these times, it’s better if other people, instead of giving advice, acknowledged the good in us and give some sort of encouragement. And this isn’t some nonsensical motivation or anything. This is someone who we know wants the best for us making us feel that we’re genuinely cared for. It cannot be faked, we know if it’s the other way around. Too many lives are lost because of this. And too many hopes scattered, which is, again, lives being lost in the true sense of the word.

Connection… probably the most human thing of all. As simple as it is, we don’t seem to really know what to do with it, even though it’s very obvious what we should do, as human beings. All we can do is be in awe.



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