2 min readMay 12, 2021

We hear that consistency is crucial to success and we know why, but it’s probably something that can’t be stressed enough. Because it’s such a cliche, we oftentimes get lost in search for more interesting, exotic, sexier answers, methods, rules and such. When we hear someone’s success story, we expect there to be a shiny, unconventional element, some sort of hidden gem. Even though consistency is one of the key factors that brought success/improvement to someone, it is told in a couple of sentences, maybe paragraphs. You know that Bill Gates quote, too. He says that he worked every single day in his 20s, no days off. You see, it’s just a sentence. Because who would want to preach that over and over again? Why would there be a 2000-page book about consistency? You wouldn’t even read that, it won’t be anything close to compelling. Because we don’t want to be bored. We even have industries for that. Entertainment is one of them for sure. But look at the self-help industry. It exists precisely because we are always searching for “that one thing”. Maybe we just can’t get enough of that pursuit, maybe we just want to feel good about ourselves and say “look, I’ve been working, I’ve been searching” as we like to do constantly. Yet the answer is very simple. You pick something, work on it for years and commit to get better.

Hope we realize that soon enough, take responsibility and bear the sufferings of this world (career-wise, along with everything else). Once you realize that, it becomes clear that why there’s not many successful people despite having a great potential. Not many people want to take that route, that’s why. We want to be asleep but still claim to be woke. And to be honest, me too, I want the easy things. I’ve been posting at least a hundred-word-paragraph every single day for 2 months on Medium. I don’t know if I will go on forever. To keep going when it’s whole lotta uncertainty is not fun.