We are all works in process. That includes the people we admire. Yes, they do have a title, they do have a career, they are established/known. But does that mean they know exactly what’s going to happen? Probably not. Does Rihanna think ”Oh, I’m Rihanna, I know what’s going to happen today/tomorrow/a year from now/5 years from now”? Well, maybe. But does she think it all the time? Does she not experience fear? Anxiety? Some level of stress? Just because some people are financially set and they are household names, does that make them problem-free? I doubt it. They are human beings too, just with a different set of problems, problems that you may not be familiar with or imagine. They also take a shit on the daily, by the way, just to make things clear.

So, having thought of this, you can be something, right? I mean, not every one of us has to be famous or great, nor we can be. Maybe you will be great, but maybe not. And that’s okay. But that should not stop you from doing what you enjoy and like. You can be average and still be satisfied with your life. It’s not you are either you are the greatest at something or a loser. That’s just what we’ve been sold for the last several decades. Selling us the idea of “alpha”, “banging-all-these-hoes”, “living-my-dream” life made a lot of people money.

So, if you have something in mind, something that you might enjoy, try to bring that to life. Work on it. Who knows, maybe something good will come out. Even if the result is not good, maybe you will have a laugh while you are engaging in it. Or maybe you will think about something that’s going to think about some other thing. You won’t find out if you choose all-or-nothing thinking. Don’t be Mercedes, being “the best or nothing” is not the ideal approach to life.



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