1 min readOct 19, 2021


Things go wrong. Doesn’t matter if you’re breaking the law greatly or doing God’s work. This is the rule. Things go wrong for everyone.

Those who cannot accept this fact and those who expect everything to go well don’t take it well when shit hits the fan. Some might think that there should be a way to make everything right. They might even have an idea of what that is, thinking if I had this, if this happened, if this person just understood, then everything would be alright.

But no, it doesn’t work that way. The results fall short of our expectations, people disappoint us, things be taken away from those who have less…

By not accepting this basic principle of human nature, life, and the world, all you’re doing is rob yourself and others of time and energy that could be used on something else. You’ll only get so much sympathy, even from yourself. After some time, you won’t want to listen to yourself whining, let alone others.

Besides, nobody is undefeated or invincible. So, all we can learn is how to take the fall. Turns out, this is true for everyone too.

You might come across people who act like they are undefeated. That’s one way of reacting too. So is not looking at them as losses but lessons.