There’s a huge difference between giving up and stopping.

Some projects are need to be stepped away from for some time, because it might not click right at that moment. This shouldn’t mean you’ve stopped. It’s still a work in progress. You can, and should, move on to things that you think will bring the best outcome. In other words, you should keep moving. Stopping is something that has to do with you, the subject, which is the ultimate project.

Giving up is the rational move if you judge the thing to be counterproductive or unenjoyable. It’s just in the past couple of decades, “Never, ever give up” became the thing people measured their worth on. Which is sad because we are so much more than one thing we set out to do once, especially if that one thing is a teenage dream or something of that sort.




trying to learn how to think through writing

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trying to learn how to think through writing

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