There are more than enough reasons for us to pursue whatever craft and hobby we want to pursue, it keeps us healthy, happy, and it gives us the fuel and inspiration to do more. And we also have enough time to pursue them, if we live roughly the average life expectancy age, which is 72.56 years (we’re speaking about the whole earth here).

What we lack is the optimistic mindset and enthusiasm towards life, which is, essentially, thankfulness for these blessings. One does not have to be always “on”, but a little acknowledgement of what we possess goes a long way.

However, you don’t get to appreciate what you have unless you’ve seen a lot worse. And what most of the people whose lives are a kind of living hell lack is not more suffering but the emotional tools that are needed to keep one down-to-earth.

Only after the difficulties are overcome, after the dragon has been slayed can one experience deep and true sense of joy and appreciation.




trying to learn how to think through writing

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trying to learn how to think through writing

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