2 min readMar 27, 2021

The reason why most of us underestimate our strengths is because of our procrastination, or laziness, or just not doing enough. We want to know how future will look like if we take action beforehand. In other words, our fear of losing is greater than the desire of winning. We want to avoid looking like a fool. Because if (or when) we fail, we will have just another reason to think of ourselves as less. Because we want to feel good in this moment, and this costs us our long term in some areas of our lives. But the perception of failure needs to change, not anything else or anyone else. Failure is not doing anything about the problem at hand.

But knowing this changes nothing, as you might have came to realize this many times. We will still sit around waiting for the night to come, waiting to sleep, waiting for next week. And the problem will be solved by itself, if you’re lucky that time. But your chances are very slim. So what is the solution? How can you get yourself to get things done so that you can count on yourself in the future?

The answer is maybe break it down and do it, or maybe do just one small thing as soon as possible. Don’t worry it won’t be that hard. Just get in the arena. It will never feel easy, however long time you wait. You will see it getting easier, and yourself getting resilient and stronger, as you are doing that. It will feel good. And it will be just one of the things that you can use as a proof to yourself that you do get things done. Maybe you are not that bad, after all. And maybe you will get to know yourself more. Maybe you will discover something. Who knows? Go find it. Go figure it out.