Strange times make us feel all sorts of things. The unknown freaks us out. How this had happened puts fear in us. But overreacting isn’t just unproductive, it’s counterproductive. It doesn’t limit itself to not accomplishing anything, it also sucks up your energy, physical and mental. Therefore, it’s always a losing bet.

Times like these don’t knock you out completely with one hit, as it might seem to us under pressure. Their whole purpose is to get you to start in the frightened direction. If the dose is just right, it becomes very hard to gather yourself up. There’s a serious chance we might wipe ourselves out, slowly but surely.

So, in those times, since it’s an undeniable part of life, you’re going to have to remind yourself that once again, this is normal, and you don’t need to get the answers to all of your questions right away, this is not the time. Remind yourself, in some way, that handling this as best as possible to your ability is all that matters.




trying to learn how to think through writing

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trying to learn how to think through writing

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