Sometimes it’s not actually the chances we don’t get but us not being ready when they appear in our door. But sometimes it’s actually the chances we don’t get. Because people who built something for themselves had the time and space for them to fuck up. It takes lots of fuckups to learn. So when you don’t have the opportunity to experiment and engage with things, you don’t get to fail in that area. If you don’t fail in that area, you don’t grow in that area. And sometimes it’s us who don’t give ourselves the permission to fail. Something in our head tells us to not do it for whatever reason. That’s why you see not everyone with great potential make it in life. And sometimes the people who make it are actually not that great. They just had the opportunity to mess with things and after sometime, they started believing in themselves, people started responding and they took the initiative.




trying to learn how to think through writing

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trying to learn how to think through writing

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