So you are having a bad day. If it’s because you are wasting your time, feeling bad about something, and you just don’t want to be productive today because most of the day is already wasted, to make it a bit better you need to do something. Even if it’s tiny bit of work, it will help. Because otherwise you are going to go to bed later than you normally would, in a bad state.

So do something. If there is an assignment you need to complete, at least read the instructions and take notes. If you need to write an article, at least write a draft, or even one paragraph.

Yes, you will be productive tomorrow, sure. But don’t let today go by. You won’t be proud of that. You know you won’t be proud of that. Because bad days aren’t so rare, obviously. There’s too many of ’em. And best believe that there is not one person who enjoys having bad days. You ain’t the only one. You might feel like it, but it’s not true.

Bad days suck. But zero action, losing momentum and slowly building a bad identity suck a lifetime.



trying to learn how to think through writing

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