Sickening feeling in your gut

1 min readMar 29, 2022

At times we get this intense feeling of disgust in our stomach. It is sickening.

We don’t even know the reason but something tells us that this is an alarm, which means we need to change, stop or turn something around. So, we start questioning the decisions we’ve made so far. Unpleasant memories of the past start manifesting themselves in the ugliest fashion. And it’s hard not to panic when you have this feeling in your gut.

But again, we don’t know the reason. It can be something as simple as your sleep schedule. Yet we feel like we need to act now. When we do, we end up regretting it. If we don’t, it lingers in our minds.

There is no quick fix or relief to that. That’s how being human is. Maybe you can talk to someone. Or maybe you can get decide if it’s that important the next day.