Quality in writing

1 min readFeb 4, 2022

Quality is what matters. No debate about it. One simple, clear-cut sentence is a lot better than a rambling paragraph. But maybe not when you’re starting out, or when you’re practicing. There needs to be something to begin with, something to be edited, something to be played around with a little bit. And just because there is an excellent work doesn’t mean it’s a one-step process.

I always find Seth Godin’s writing immaculate. The guy’s always on point. On his blog (seths.blog), some days he posts a 5-minute-read article, but some days it’s 3 sentences, each kind damn-well-written.

Now, what I want to point out to is this, he writes everyday, I write everyday. But I have a 100-word requirement, and obviously he doesn’t. In my estimation, I cannot afford to write less even if I can make a point with that. Because Seth’s a guy who’s been writing everyday for a decade or two (I am not sure), which means I didn’t put as much effort and time in as he did. So, saying a few words would be passing on my practice time.

One would think matter as such needs no discussion. But, (un)ironically, this, too, is not black-or-white. At least, that’s what I believe now.