People who are high in Openness tend to be creative types. Also, they tend to dislike repetition, which might be a liability because to get better at a particular area requires exposure to certain things over and over again. You got to run into all sorts of problems to be a master.

So what can we do if we are an open type personality? Well, maybe being in an environment where you get to work on projects with people will help, since culture of a group can make us act in ways we wouldn’t otherwise. Doing this will be using that nature of ours to our advantage.

But what about introvert types who function better when they are alone? They can arrange certain times to discuss the issues, work by themselves and keep others posted on how things are going. One misconception about introverts is that they loath being around people. They don’t… when they are around people whom they have a connection with. Sure they need to recharge if the time spent with others go on for too long, that’s why arranging certain times might work wonders for them. Plus, everyone, especially introverts get energy doing what they love. So doing the work won’t be something they can’t wait to come to an end.



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