1 min readJun 5, 2021


Oversimplifying and overcomplicating. Those are the things you might want to avoid.

It will be tempting, without a doubt, to reach some kind of conclusion. In fact, you might even be running out of time and might be oversimplifying out of necessity.

Obviously, you can’t do everything all at once. So, if the problem at hand is not your priority, then you’ll have to pass on that for now, take a note and come back to it later.

But even if you think you are running out of time, you can push the limits and take your time to decide if it’s something important for the most part. Because you got to think long term.

And overcomplicating. That’s something certain kinds of people slip into naturally quite often. They might be aware of what they’re doing but can’t help themselves.

If you’re that type, there are several approaches that might be helpful. Writing things down is one. Explaining the situation to people who are believable in an accurate way might prove incredibly useful.

But sorting things out is crucial when you do them. If you write, try to make your writing as organized as possible. If you talk to people, make sure you give them the background story and the necessary details so that when they make a judgement, they don’t oversimplify. They need to consider all the factors.