2 min readMar 23, 2021

One of the main disadvantages of being young in this day in age is that the hard work is not seen as okay most of the time. Hundreds of years ago (or in some places, several years ago) you were expected to start from the bottom and work your way up if what you wanted was financial security. You would be an apprentice for a master, would serve him and learn from him for years, and then you would be good enough to start working on your own and teach that skill.

As technology became increasingly accessible, the people who work hard started to be seen as naïve or something of the sort. It’s like they are being lied to or deceived. On Instagram you’ll see people who seems to be doing nothing other than enjoying whatever it is that they are doing. It’s full of ads and sponsorships and praises and emojis.

Another factor that might be contributing to this type of phenomenon is the way people praise and somewhat envy working less or pretending to be working. People will dream about having the money to have the freedom to do whatever they want without working for it, or with as little sacrifice and dedication as possible.

There isn’t one person on this planet who wishes their life were easier. Everybody wants that. However, those people who claim they didn’t work hard to get what they wanted are the minority. For every person who you see posting their glamorous and easy life on Instagram, there are 100million people who are not in that position. Chances are, you wouldn’t be truly satisfied if you had that kind of life. Not many people are built for that. You’ll see people who have everything in terms of materials buying more things because that’s the strategy they use to cope with the emptiness they feel inside. We have to work for it. We need to be challenged completely, even though it feels like it’s the exact opposite most of the time. So be thankful for having all this work to do. Remember that this is what it takes. Hard work. And while you are at it you better make that damn journey enjoyable for yourself.