1 min readDec 25, 2021


In search of remarkable, ordinary’s not in sight and therefore let go of.

It’s hard to keep it all up under those circumstances. If anything less than that is not allowed, putting it off, not delivering eventually become the norm.

Remarkable might seem right around the corner. You might still feel like you just need that crucial break.

How long are you planning on not delivering?

Because time is not money. Time is life. You are borrowing from yourself of which you don’t have. That’s not a sustainable business strategy. You won’t be able to stay afloat if goes on for a good amount of time, let alone prospering.

And breaks are not the way we think they are. They’re mostly a chain of events. If it was “before and after” like the ones you see online, then thinking black-and-white would be logical and beneficial. They are breaks when you decide them to be breaks.