Humanizing yourself

Failing miserably and ending up doing the opposite of what you’ve initially intended to do is familiar to most of us. And the reason is not much of a mystery, we know it stems from having perfectionist expectations from ourselves. How it came to be is not hard to figure out, either. In societies in which privacy is not valued, every action and thought are scrutinized, and people judged as a result tend to create unhappy people.

We set out to fix that in an ideal way. We look for good, long-term solutions. We want to have killer habits. And sometimes it works, but other times, boy do they blow up in your face!

Humans are not machines for there to be one right answer to every goddamn thing. Our behaviors remain fairly mysterious and unknown despite the fact that we’ve been on the search for centuries.

If we could find an answer to everything, there’d be no point in living. Besides, nobody walks on water, so trying to humanize yourself every now and then helps. If not we miss out on willpower trying to build the sexiest, exotic habit.



trying to learn how to think through writing

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