Human nature is something that cannot be changed, you’re gonna have to accept it as it is. There are exceptions sometimes, but chances of you being that is very slim, so your best bet is to assume it won’t change.

That being the case, you’re gonna piss some people off in your lifetime, whether you want it or not, because of the decisions you make. So you might as well know what you’re about and act according to that. Even if you decide to be submissive and stay submissive, there will be times where some people are mad at you. And that’s not good for the humanity in general, let alone yourself. So you are gonna have to push your limits sometimes.

This is something agreeable people tend to struggle with mainly. As the saying goes: “If you have a couple of true friends that look out for you, you’ve lived a good life”. Certainly, you can’t build a fortress around these kinds of “problems”. There’s no running away from it, so the sooner you realize and accept it, the better.



trying to learn how to think through writing

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