“Hah, I wouldn’t let that happen to me, no way.” How many times have we said things of that sort, when talking about a fall off of some celebrity, for instance? That’s almost always our first thought when we hear stories about someone screwing up something. Either that or we think we’ve learned our lesson. That’s usually not the case. We, humans, are likely to overestimate our strengths just like we underestimate them.

Distractions exist at different levels. And everybody who are normal human beings, meaning not sociopaths, psychopaths or something like that, lose their focus from time to time. That time frame differs, but we are never free from distractions. Accepting that is a good start to minimize them.

Those big falls of famous people are the result of a bigger loss of focus. Checking our phone is a smaller one, but the kind that occurs frequently, consistently.



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