As humans we are constantly trying to make sense of things (material and non-material) we deem important. And if you’re human, as you might know, we have our limitations in all aspects, along with the fixed circumstances that seem unbreakable, which leaves us with tools unprovided to deal with all this.

Not quite surprisingly, therefore, our definitions vary, sometimes slightly, and sometimes dramatically. And since we have only so much capacity, at times there are friction between individuals and groups, because some things matter more than other things, either because we put some sort of meaning on things or because some things are inseparably tied to things that are significant to our existence.

Considering all this, it is impossible to not be overwhelmed by the things we have to deal with. Once in a while, we experience something weakening or paralyze ourselves with these thoughts and theories, we show weakness, although it varies for everyone.

And this is why likable and positive people get ahead in life, with the exception of people we consider pretentious and shallow. Nobody wants to hear the things we feel helpless about all the time, doesn’t matter if you have the best of intentions. Even if we accept the burden of life, we want to see some hope, some enjoyment. We want the people who makes it seem alright to get the rewards, and not the ones who bang our heads to the gloomy walls or drown our heads to the river called Weltschmerz, even though we might have a connection with these people.

In the end, though, we can’t really blame anyone about the burden to the absolute. Not ourselves, not the ones who feel down or defeated, or others who seem to got it under control. But one thing for sure, the last category of people will have the upper hand.



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