Ain’t right

Either you were arrogant or naïve when you were young. As you gain some experience, more of that “Damn I was completely wrong” you collect. And after a certain kind of experience(s), you decide you are going to act a certain way and live a certain way, and you dedicate yourself to it. With some luck, you are finally able to make that life your reality. It feels good.

But wait, something isn’t right. Why does it feel like you are not getting approval as much as you’ve wanted? Why do your kids want to do different things than you? Does this imply that the path you chose was wrong? Why are you not appreciated? Well, everyone’s wrong. You recognized this and wanted something better. But it’s because you refused to become less wrong over the years. Maybe that was the only time you were less wrong. And at this point, maybe the people around you are less wrong than you already because they have had different experiences.



trying to learn how to think through writing

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