You spend the same amount of energy winging everything and aiming for making it big.

When you’re just going with the flow, moving together with the pack, it feels like even the planning part to change your ways requires more energy than the one you have. But it’s not so. Later on, you’re going to spend that energy on regretting not going further. Besides, every choice comes with its cons, so, don’t forget that there’ll be unnecessary drama, daily frustrations, and annoying people.

You manage to keep going harder if it’s important enough when it feels like you have no energy.

But we’re very bad at getting some rest when needed. Random thoughts come out of nowhere. There’s this constant paranoia that you need to do something, at least a distraction. Rarely do we get the feeling like when you’re by the sea. Of course, the obvious reason is the cue. You can’t get that in an office. Overworking is easy in that sort of setting.

When you look for something, you start to notice more of it. The world is full of white Renaults because your world is full of white Renaults.

Same for ideas. You look for reasons (or rather, excuses) to believe something after you’re already sold on the idea. You’ll connect the unrelated dots for it. You’ll make up stories in your mind for it to be “complete”.

You notice three identical trucks while walking. You don’t really need to perceive them separately. It does help you to generalize things of that sort unless you are a journalist or a creator (anybody is a creator in some way, but let’s not get into it).

You wouldn’t be able to perceive everything separately if you wanted to. Things like that take time and energy. You can’t focus on everything. And if we’re created that way, it can’t be a negative thing. Sure, there are some cons to it, but so is everything else. You can’t help missing certain things.

Perhaps the main reason communistic societies fail, or, at least, do not flourish is that only one individual (or a group of individuals) decides what the needs and wants of people are. And that one individual is assumed to be intelligent. But how do you ensure that an individual is knowledgeable when it comes to economics? Maybe s/he is just influential among politicians and that’s all.

There are millions of products and services (imported and domestically produced). Can you imagine going through them one by one? How are you not to get lost when doing all those calculations, measurements, and comparisons? And you’re in your office disconnected from the world that is affected by the decisions you make.

Unless it is a particularly specialized space, the majority of customers just want to get answers to their problems or questions like a normal human being, especially in retail.

You do the same when you’re buying something. You don’t want to deal with the details too much unless you are a pro in that area. You just want to feel comfortable with the things you are buying. It’s rarely all-about-quality or all-about-the-aesthetics.

Nobody wants to get cheated. And being desperate to sell something or acting too smooth gives that impression. Of course! It’s sales, after all. The other party doesn’t know you, so, that first impression is crucial.

We like whining too much and we get better at it.

So, a lot of times, our pain and suffering are self-imposed. We exaggerate our pain for whatever reason by staying up till late at night, not eating properly, and so on. We don’t want to go the appointed path even if we come across it, even if we see and agree! We take our time and play around with the idea.

Of course, this is not good for us. Obviously. But dealing with every single issue head-on would be too inhuman. We’re not machines here, okay? It’s great you don’t lower your standards but that does not mean you can’t do it in an empathetic manner.